28 July 2017


Today, I ran 4 miles, which felt pretty slow but mentally challenging. I am definitely getting weary after 6 weeks of marathon training. But, despite these creeping thoughts, I still ran my 4 miles at a good pace and I ran it well.

I had my overnight oats again, and a peach and an iced matcha latte for breakfast. I know, I’m boring.

For lunch, a vegetariano freddo sub from a local Italian supermarket called Gemelli’s. If you’re in Moco, I highly recommend it! It was the size of a small baby, so I haven’t had a snack since.

Vegetariano Sub on 7-Grain Roll

Dinner will be broccoli rabe, mushroom with eggs, and corn on the cob. I don’t know what I should have for dessert, but I want dessert. I need to eat more carbs tonight since I have my 8 mile long run tomorrow. I am nervous! Plus, it might be raining so there’s that. Ugh.

I read my Duke summer reading book (The Prince of Los Cocuyos) last night into tonight, and I really enjoyed it. It is a memoir by poet Richard Blanco about his childhood in Miami as a Cuban-American. He will be coming to Duke Orientation to speak with us about his experiences.

Today I was less bored! Woooooo. Tomorrow will be a busy day.


27 July 2017

First, I’m training for a marathon right now with a friend who is also going to Duke in the fall. We are following the Runner’s World magazine 20-Week Marathon plan.

How is that relevant to today? Well, today was a rest day. That means no running, which means restless Clarice. When I don’t run, I feel like a potato!!!

With my eating/body issues put on the table here, I also hate rest days because it makes me feel like I have to eat less/more healthy because I’m not exercising. And, to go with the fact that I’m so unbelievably bored this summer (which is a blessing but I’m getting tired of too much of a good thing), I just feel like I want to eat all the time.

Well, I ate my favorite bowl of overnight oats – blueberry overnight oats! Hmm.. I’ll write a post with the recipe now actually. I also made myself an iced matcha latte.

For my mid-morning snack which I don’t think I actually needed since I wasn’t hungry, I had a farm fresh white peach. I like hard peaches but this one was soft, so not the best.

For lunch, a kale salad with lentils, farro, sautéed carrots and mushrooms, and goat cheese. It wasn’t too aesthetic, but it tasted pretty good!

What did I do today? Literally nothing. I’m so bored. Anybody have suggestions for bored people?

See you all tomorrow!!



Hello! I’m Clarice, and I’m going to be a freshman at Duke University in the fall. I’ll be studying biology or chemistry on a premed track.

Basically, I’m really bored this summer, and I’d like to share my thoughts, what I eat every day, and how my marathon training (!) is going, among other things. Whatever you are interested in, let me know, I’ll write about it!

So let’s get started!

This is me!