28 July 2017


Today, I ran 4 miles, which felt pretty slow but mentally challenging. I am definitely getting weary after 6 weeks of marathon training. But, despite these creeping thoughts, I still ran my 4 miles at a good pace and I ran it well.

I had my overnight oats again, and a peach and an iced matcha latte for breakfast. I know, I’m boring.

For lunch, a vegetariano freddo sub from a local Italian supermarket called Gemelli’s. If you’re in Moco, I highly recommend it! It was the size of a small baby, so I haven’t had a snack since.

Vegetariano Sub on 7-Grain Roll

Dinner will be broccoli rabe, mushroom with eggs, and corn on the cob. I don’t know what I should have for dessert, but I want dessert. I need to eat more carbs tonight since I have my 8 mile long run tomorrow. I am nervous! Plus, it might be raining so there’s that. Ugh.

I read my Duke summer reading book (The Prince of Los Cocuyos) last night into tonight, and I really enjoyed it. It is a memoir by poet Richard Blanco about his childhood in Miami as a Cuban-American. He will be coming to Duke Orientation to speak with us about his experiences.

Today I was less bored! Woooooo. Tomorrow will be a busy day.


27 July 2017

First, I’m training for a marathon right now with a friend who is also going to Duke in the fall. We are following the Runner’s World magazine 20-Week Marathon plan.

How is that relevant to today? Well, today was a rest day. That means no running, which means restless Clarice. When I don’t run, I feel like a potato!!!

With my eating/body issues put on the table here, I also hate rest days because it makes me feel like I have to eat less/more healthy because I’m not exercising. And, to go with the fact that I’m so unbelievably bored this summer (which is a blessing but I’m getting tired of too much of a good thing), I just feel like I want to eat all the time.

Well, I ate my favorite bowl of overnight oats – blueberry overnight oats! Hmm.. I’ll write a post with the recipe now actually. I also made myself an iced matcha latte.

For my mid-morning snack which I don’t think I actually needed since I wasn’t hungry, I had a farm fresh white peach. I like hard peaches but this one was soft, so not the best.

For lunch, a kale salad with lentils, farro, sautéed carrots and mushrooms, and goat cheese. It wasn’t too aesthetic, but it tasted pretty good!

What did I do today? Literally nothing. I’m so bored. Anybody have suggestions for bored people?

See you all tomorrow!!